Ransomware is expected to cost businesses $800 million or more in 2016. Cyber criminals are turning more and more to phishing because the vast majority of employees are unprepared.
OurPhishIQ™ will tell you exactly how vulnerable your organization could be to ransomware and other phishing attacks.

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PhishIQ™  helps you understand what your cyber risk is to various types of phishing attacks including spoofing, spear phishing, and trawling. This assessment will help you make more informed decisions regarding the extent and type of training your organization may require.

Your PhishIQ™ analysis report includes the following.

  • Domain Spoofing Vulnerability
  • User Email Exposure
  • Detailed report on all user simulation activity
  • Proprietary PhishIQ™ Score

What is PhishIQ?

The goal of any cyber security awareness training program revolves around your ability to produce measurable results. Our PhishIQ™ score is a way to measure your organizational awareness relating to phishing scams.

PhishIQ™ is our proprietary score designed to measure cyber security awareness based on the actions taken when an employee is faced with a phishing email.

We measure the PhishIQ™ by examining the data collected during simulated phishing attacks. The higher the PhishIQ, the more secure your organization.

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