Secured Outcomes Cyber Security Awareness Training

Cyber Security Awareness Training creates a human firewall that protects your sensitive information. Cyber criminals are continually coming up with more sophisticated attack. Make sure your team is able to identify and respond to these attacks by providing them with a comprehensive program that teaches them basic cyber security principals through short interactive training modules and backs it up with active reinforcement through simulated phishing attacks.




When we designed our service, our goal was to create a cyber security awareness program that was consistent with what the industry leaders offered. Our process is comprehensive and will help to you ensure your team knows the importance of cyber security and is equiped to identify and respond in the event of a phishing based email attack.






Our cyber security awareness training is designed to help professional organizations of all sizes that do not have resources to design and deploy a program on their own. We provide a concierge level service that includes compliance, program design, and phishing simulation test design and execution. This frees your IT staff up to focus on what they do.





Our cyber security awareness training was built to address the needs of your particular organization. Whether you have staff that require continuing education credits, or require specialized training such as HIPAA compliance we will create a training program that includes this specialized knowledge to help maximize the value realized by your organization.